We strive to provide you with a convenient and effective platform for job search and help employers find the best candidates. In order for your vacancies to be successfully indexed on our site and quickly reach potential candidates, we have several important requirements for job sites wishing to be part of our service.

  1. Structured Data: Make sure you provide structured data for each vacancy on your website. Use microformats such as Schema.org or JSON-LD to clearly indicate the job title, description, location, salary, and other important attributes of the vacancies.
  2. Unique URLs: Each vacancy on your website should have a unique URL that allows search engines to efficiently index and find specific vacancies through our aggregator.
  3. Indexing Accessibility: Ensure that your website does not block the access of search engine bots. Check the settings of your robots.txt file to make sure it allows indexing of all pages with vacancies.
  4. List of Vacancies on the Homepage: It is recommended to include a list of the latest or most popular vacancies on the homepage of your website. This will facilitate search engines in finding and indexing your vacancies faster.
  5. Proper Job Page Structure: Each job page should have a clear structure with relevant headings, description, candidate requirements, company information, and other important details. Use appropriate HTML tags to highlight this information and facilitate indexing.
  6. Vacancy Updates: Regularly update your vacancies and remove those that have already been filled or become outdated. This will improve the relevance of your content and positively impact the ranking of your website in search engines.
  7. Source Link for Vacancies: Don't forget to include a link to the source of the vacancy. This will help our users navigate to the original source and obtain additional information.

We rely on your cooperation and adherence to these requirements to achieve the best results. By considering these recommendations, your job site will be ready for successful indexing and effective attraction of candidates.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements for indexed vacancies, please contact our support team.
Thank you for choosing Jooble, and we wish you success in your job search!

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