Possible reasons why a search query on Jooble does not show vacancies:

  • Non-compliance with publication rules. A vacancy can be deactivated, by the Content Quality Assurance Department, at any stage of posting. In your account, such vacancies will be automatically moved to the Vacancies → Inactive tab. In addition to the vacancy, the suspension reason will be indicated.
  • The vacancy stopped on its own. After the expiration of 30 days from the posting date, the vacancy is automatically suspended, changing the status from published to inactive. To activate the vacancy, please click the "Publish" button in the job settings.
  • Your account is under moderation. After an account is registered, the company authentication process is required. That’s why the Jooble moderation team needs some time to verify your company. Vacancies will be published immediately, after checking and confirming the account.
  • E-mail is not confirmed. This is an important stage of verification, because you need to make sure that reviews, letters and all important information will be sent to the correct mail. E-mail can be confirmed by a letter from Jooble with the activation button inside. If you have not received a letter - please read the information in this article.

Please note that these are only possible reasons. If you are not sure whether your vacancy is really not published for these reasons, please email support via this link.

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