Types of vacancies that should be reported to customer support of Jooble can be seen below:

  • Fraudulent vacancies
    Jooble is committed to safety of our users. The quality control department checks thousands of vacancies, websites and employers for fraud on a daily basis. But unfortunately, sometimes fraudulent companies manage to post a vacancy on our site.
If you were asked to provide personal information (passport or bank card) before an official invitation to work or pay a fee for considering you as a candidate, then we tend to believe that these are fraudsters. 

  • Mistake in the vacancy
    Description, salary, region or contact information specified in the vacancy is not correct.

  •  Response to the vacancy on a paid basis
    Jooble services are completely free of charge for our job seekers. If you find a job on Jooble, and then the source site asks you to pay when applying, please let us know.

  • Unavailable vacancy
    If the job you find on Jooble is unavailable for response on the source site.

  • Illegal activities
    Prohibited work, which involves violating the law (performing illegal actions). For example: escort services, Webcam modelling, distribution of drugs / weapons or other prohibited items.

To report the vacancy, contact us via portal, please.

In your request, specify:

  • The link to the vacancy
    If the job is no more available on our site, or you cannot find it, provide all the information that you have about it. It can be the full name of the job or the company, date of response to the mentioned vacancy, or the letters you received from the fraudulent company.

  • Proofs of fraud
    A screenshot or a scan copy as a fact of fraud. Besides, if the job seems suspicious to you: for example, a salary too high compared to the market-based, you can report this, specifying in more details your request.

Jooble does not participate in hiring people for jobs and cannot  provide any kind of information concerning positive or negative decision of the employer as to the candidate's application. You can contact the employer directly for clarification of all the points you are interested in.