At Jooble, we provide a convenient way to receive an invoice for the payment of our services for both individuals and legal entities. Let's go through the process of receiving an invoice and the available currencies for payment.

First, as an employer, you should click on the "Top up balance" button and proceed to 

  • create a payment profile.

To pay by invoices, you need to create a payment profile. You fill out the payer information form, which allows us to securely and conveniently store your payment data.

  • Proceed to payment:

After creating a payment profile, you click the "Proceed to payment" button. It will redirect you to the payment page where you can see the details and payment options – by card or by invoice.

  • Receiving the invoice:

Immediately after making the selection, you receive an invoice where you need to enter the amount you wish to top up your account with. You have 5 days to pay the invoice.

  • Payment of the invoice:

You make the payment using the available payment methods that suit you best.

  • Invoice verification by the accounting department:

After the payment, your invoice is being verified by our accounting department. If the payment is successful, the accountant proceeds to the employer moderation service and approves the corresponding invoice.

Jooble payment system supports various currencies. Depending on your region and payment terms, you can choose between different currencies such as euros, US dollars, or other national currencies.

If you have any questions regarding the invoice issuance or currencies for payment, please contact our support team, and our experts will be happy to provide you with answers and assist you in resolving all your inquiries.

We value your cooperation with Jooble and strive to provide you with a convenient and transparent payment process for our services.

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