Job Title and Description 

  • Be clear and precise

A job title should clearly describe the position. Please do not list several positions in a single job title or any other information that does not relate to the job title. Wrong: Urgent: Earn up to $5000. Correct: Sales Manager, $5000

A job should only be posted to the location in which the opportunity is currently available. If your vacancy is targeted to multiple locations, please create a separate job posting for each location. If it is a remote job, then please specify the whole country as the default job location.

If you are looking for an employee for remote work, then specify "Remote" in the region field, to work abroad then specify "Abroad" or select the country, if it is in the drop-down list. 

  • Please note that a job description of each job should be complete and understandable for candidates.

Candidates are more likely to apply for well-detailed job postings. 

Mention what skills and competencies the applicant must have and what type of responsibilities are included. 

List the advantages of why candidates should work at your company so that it will be more comfortable for candidates to decide in your favor. 

Do not highlight the entire job description in bold or italic type. This makes it difficult to understand and perceive the text. 

Add tasks that need to be performed to "Responsibilities".

  • Be clear. Do not confuse candidates.

Do not list several positions in a single job posting and do include such job descriptions that do not directly correspond to the company's activities.

  • Be open and honest. 

Please indicate full details of a job posting, including the correct location, responsivities involved, working conditions, and salary.

Company Verification process 

Why it's important. We publish jobs from trusted employers only. To post a job on Jooble, confirm your employer account.

Recommendations on the company profile registration

Following these recommendations will simplify and speed up the verification process of your company profile on Jooble:

  • Please note that your company name and your corporate email address should match.

  • At the moment, we accept job postings from legal entities, registered businesses, and individual entrepreneurs only.

  • Remember to use your corporate email only during the registration process. 

Job Posting Refusal and Account Termination Policy

If a job posting involves a candidate doing: illegal, harmful, dangerous, or any unacceptable activities (erotic services, fraudulent work from home, network marketing, etc.), it cannot be accepted and will be permanently removed. 

We also reserve the right to remove any job postings that do not provide or guarantee real work for applicants.

Any job posting can be removed from Jooble without prior notice or explanation given. We reserve the right not to disclose any details of our Job Posting Refusal and Account Termination Policy. We also reserve the right to remove any job posting if this is in our interest or in the interest of the applicants.

If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact us via portal.